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    Default Multi USB Port suggestion

    I just checked your store, and well, I used to buy from ebay, but from today, I'll use your shop because I like the prices, and the shipping company you use!

    I just have a small suggestion, some people, like me, are going to use, for exemple, Kontrol z2 + 2x Kontrol F1 + 2x Kontrol X1 + Maschine Mikro MK2.

    So, Kontrol Z2 has 2 USB ports, my laptops, and mostly of the laptops around, have only 3 USB ports, so if we waste 1 on the Kontrol Z2, we only have 2 left + the 2 on Kontrol Z2, that makes 4 USB ports.

    But, for exemple, I need at least, 6 USB ports.

    You are very creative, and you have pretty cool stuff you designed, like the USB cable, and it will be cool, if you'll be able to sell/design a multi USB port!
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    Any usb hub will do.
    Take one with external electricity (sorry for bad english, don't know the word )!
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