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    Normally when I DJ in clubs i internally mix Traktor and then I just stick the master out of the Audio 8 DJ into a channel of their normal club mixer to get it into the PA system. If I have to use a mic it is also part of the clubs normal mixer so, while its seperate from Traktor and my lappy, it comes together in the clubs mixer and then goes through the same sound system.

    However tonight I have a mates wedding reception to go to and, with the band finishing at 12pm but the bar running till 1am, he asked if i'd jump on for the last hour and play some tunes. This time however i'll be going straight from the Audio 8 into the amps with no other mixer inbetween, and so will have to use the mic input thats on the front of the Audio 8.

    I have the mic plugged in, have the push button set to the mic input, and I can see the signal flashing up on the LED meter on the top of the Audio 8 so its defo there, but am getting silence out the speakers and i cant see the selection inside Traktor to route this to the master out.

    Any help?


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    can you afford to waste a deck C for that? (or D for that matter). All you gotta do is to change definition of deck C from Internal Playback to Audio Through.

    oh wait... thats bullshit innit? you would have to plug mic to line in 5/6 and switch the Audio 8 deck C button to line mode....

    man, i'm sorry... i'm so tired i can't think out the solution, but got feeling i wuz getting there... :eek:
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    yeah I assumed it would be something like that, but I'm probably being blind and cant see the actual control.

    And yeah for tonight just decks A&B will be fine, its just a wedding reception so will be chart stuff and cheesy 70's and 80's stuff and its only an hour to help him out so will be what, 15-20 tracks max. No biggie.


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    Its cool guys, just found it all you do is click on the big C to get the dropdown where you can select Audio Through.


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