Soundpack 28 help ( i been crunk a long time )
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    Default Soundpack 28 help ( i been crunk a long time )

    Hey, the 28th sound pack (I been crunk a long time) sounds awesome in the preview, but i cant get it to work. whenever i open it on ableton, it only shows 3 samples in session mode, and no samples when i change to user 1 mode. how can i get this to work? in the email it said i would have to remap 3 slotts to trigger the samples, but i have no idea how to do that.

    I am using a launchpad running ableton lite on a macbook pro. thanks

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    Hey Jestah,

    you'll need to arm the drumrack, then go into midi prefs and turn on track and remote.
    now go into clip view and midi map buttons 13-15 to the three clips. Do this by hitting command M, then select the clip with your mouse, press the button you want to assign.

    Let me know if that works
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