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    Quote Originally Posted by flipslist View Post
    Actually the place I'm talking about has 2 CDJs n 2 Technics all hooked up to the DJM900. I just wanted to make sure that if I used the USB, n the next DJ comes on playing on the turntables, he can easily use the channels and get on without a break in the music.
    There is no problem switching from USB back to turntables. There would only be a break if you both wanted to use USB.
    If you can get hold of the Rane 57 drivers you should be able to use that as your Traktor sound card too, since it works with their SL boxes already.
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    Switching between people on a DJM 900 is simple with the input switch at the top of the EQ's. Just switch from USB to line/phono depending on the input source.
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