Hello mates i need ure help very much with Vestax VCI 400 i got it and i want to live stream in www.livestream.com with traktor pro software the thing is that when i click the program what gives me livestream thats called : livestream for producers i click in audio mixer device - Vestax vci400 input trying to mix there is no signal comming from traktor but if i play from computer lets say windows media player some music signal comes why is that like ? Of course i use RCA cables putted it in INPUT 1(Vestax VCI-400) and in my laptop connected.. and i have monitors Rokit 8. I think maybe problem is in traktor configuration please help me mate i really need a help for my mixshow I updated drivers, mappings, everything i think. Also ir comes a small mini beep from speakers when i connect them. If u can help please post some advice or skype me please with live help skype id - reelaax

Appreciate !