New Gear for an Old DJ..?!?!?!
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    Default New Gear for an Old DJ..?!?!?!


    could use some ideas for inventive, fun ways to experiment & spin!!- been DJing many years. Recently, my gear took a sh*t. I've always been a DnB guy, but over the past couple years have been experimenting with many styles... and, BPMs.

    What would you guys recommend, equipment-wise, for creating smooth diverse (varied tempo) mixes, combining many different styles??
    (without that cheating crap)

    I'm thinking a pair of CDJ's, Serato, and some type of fx unit.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Xone DB4 (It has the best fx on the market) and 2 CDJ 2000's or 900's. Serato isn't really necessary if your using rekordbox CDJ's.
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