A&H Xone K2 Mapping Question [Ableton 9]
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    Default A&H Xone K2 Mapping Question [Ableton 9]

    So I have recently gotten rid of my S2 as I wanted to have a more unique set up and something that will be more fun to play with, so I got a Launchpad and Xone K2. I've spent most of my day setting up a DJ template in Live and mapping stuff out onto the K2. I've got one question though. I want to be able to have 12 effects (one on each knob of the K2) per track deck. Am I able to map the same knob to the same effect on all 4 decks, but have it so it only effects 1 out of the 4 decks at a time? Like say I select a deck, then all those effects become available but only work on that track. Then I press a button to select another deck, add effects to that deck, while the effects on the first track are still working. Not sure if I explained this well enough, but I tried.

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    Not unless you write your own Python Remote Script for the k2.

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