How do I Trigger samples in Traktor via hardware? Can my DB4 do the job? PLEASE HELP
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    Default How do I Trigger samples in Traktor via hardware? Can my DB4 do the job? PLEASE HELP

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this so please bare with me.

    Basically I'm using Traktor 2.5 / three technic 1210s / Allen & Heath DB4 mixer.

    Within Traktor there are Sample decks, I want to be able to trigger the samples over the music while I am djing by pressing a button for example on some hardware & therefore not needing to touch the computer. (Which would mean once I have loaded the sound in the sample deck via the computer I would not need to touch the computer to trigger/play it)

    I have looked into midi controllers but it seems as though that side of it is more for live music although it appears to trigger samples. But I am really confused & do not know which way to go & don't want to just guess what i am doing.

    I also own a DB4 mixer - could I trigger these samples through the mixer as the DB4 is a very High Tech newish mixer?

    So I would really appreciate it if someone could advise me of the best , most appropriate equipment for this task.

    Kind Regards

    Robert Baker

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    Midifighter 3D/Spectra is the best for triggering samples or kontrol F1 if you want full integration with remix deck. If your mixer send MIDI notes you'd be able to map first samples row of any remix deck to your hardware.

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