Numark 4Trak & APC40 Mapping?
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    Default Numark 4Trak & APC40 Mapping?

    I am new to the DJ TechTools Forum but have been reading the BLOG and using the resources for a while. I recently started DJ'ing, and I have a few questions about my controllers and mapping them. I started off with a Numark MixTrack Pro back in October. I figured that I needed a more powerful controller for Traktor, so I bought the Numark 4Trak last week. I also have the Akai APC40. I am wondering if you can use the 4Trak as the main Deck controller and use the APC40 as a remix deck or some sort of clip launcher? (Don't know the exact terms, sorry )
    Any Information would be great! Thanks

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    i use the collision mapping on my apc 40 to do everything. its 10 dollars and worth every penny. you can use effects and the remix decks on that. the only thing you will miss is platters.

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