Hi all,

I am having a nightmare, I don't know if what I am trying to do is possible, but it is getting frustrating to say the least. NI haven't been much help and I haven't found anything online, so I am starting to assume it isn't possible.

I have a Kontrol Z2, running Traktor Scratch Pro 2, MBP with plenty of juice and I want to run Maschine through the live input on deck d. I have tried using Jack and I get so far, and have even got sound from my timecode vinyl, but I can't use the timecode vinyl to manipulate anything.

I have tried Soundflower, but I keep getting the flashing warning light on the Z2 and the output is a bit all over the show with dropouts etc.

Is it possible to run this setup, or am I trying to do something that isn't possible?

How is the best way to incorporate Maschine into a setup then? I would like to be able to use Tracktor Deck D as live input so I use the volume pot, also assign and use traktor effects, filter etc, but be able to scratch using Deck A and B, with C as a remix deck. Is this posiible?

The only way I have got this working is to route maschine through the headphone socket on the laptop, into the aux channel on the z2, routing it to the live input on Deck D, but surely this isn't the best way to do this?

Is Shiftee et al just using the hardware as a midi controller?

Sorry for all the questions, just at the end of my rope with this one, I just want to get going...

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