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    Default My XP(112MB) MAXoptimization ( TESTED with TPRO 1.2.1)

    This is my optimization of XP(took only 30min to prepare it install it and play with it). Everyone is first installing all that is needless and then remove it. In this XP(112MB installation) there is almost nothing for removal .

    Everything is explained in MekonXPproSP3.txt file.

    In my XP:
    AMD X2 6000+
    2GB RAM DDRII 800MHz
    8800GT(but didn`t install driver for it)
    320GB HDD sata2 Hitachi 2.5``
    Process in idle mod are 12, services 6 can reduce to 4,DPC shows 6us.CPU 0% memory 75 MB.

    Traktor Pro1.1 4 decks with FX1 and 2(all reverb,reverbT3, icereverb) on in all 4 decks
    Abelton Live 8 with 6 audio tracks and some VSTs
    And result is:
    CPU max33%; DPC max 179us. Tested for 5 hours.

    I collect all the optimization instruction during past several years and I sum it up into my XP. All that files are in zip file so you can read and use what you need if you don want to customize your XP like I do.

    Try it if you have any problems or you need more room in your processor for creativity.
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    Hey Mekon, thx for the info. I did most of this on my own but still found a couple of interesting things in your TXT

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    thanx for at least one reply check out the megaupload if you are just optimizing existent XP.

    I think that my XP doesnt do,or move until we want to(there are no background tasks(or just a few one), no self checking mechanism, absolutely nothing, XP just waits for our command,at last).
    This is only for live performance or just for practicing-there are no network abilities. Please test it and report, but I thing that nothing can go wrong because there is nothing in it . You only need to install chipset driver for laptop,or pc and thats all.

    Check this program with your XP
    I find it in one optimization file and it says that we need to uncheck Performance counters Enabled for all the files) I dont know if this helps us but, in myXP there are non of the files listed at all.

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    Great job on the optimization, what I did not see on the txt file was anything about what I consider 2 important things, I donīt know if I miss them or you have not included them yet.

    1.- Disable windows resotre service. Which allows you to roll back to a previous state, this service is always working, keeping track of almost every move and keep log of it on a file.

    2.- You mentioned that if you had more than 256 of ram you should enable the page file. Well for Daw optimization this is all the way around you should disable the page file for all your drives in order to keep everything on the RAM for fast access.

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    Thanx for replay.

    1. Restore service is removed-so u cant enable it or disable it

    2. Finally the advice that I was looking for. Disabled page file optimization added in txt file.

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    I have mange to test it on:
    DESKTOP with different motherboards, AMD and INTEL, ATI and Nvidia, SATA and ATA, different integrated stuff in motherboard(WiFi and soundcards), different chipsets....

    LAPTOP HP, Toshiba, LENOVO different models- with AMD and INTEL, nvidia and intel chipsets, graphic cards integrated and dedicated( Intel, Nvidia, ATI), with diferent WiFi manufacters.......... Last models are Toshiba A300 and Lenovo G550.

    DPC shows for laptops (four decks all with heavy effects) TRAKTOR 1.2.1 around 250 us.
    Do you have lower values?

    ...AND IT WORKS FLAWLESS. Maybe its perfect, maybe I am missing something, because nothing is PERFECT. I would like you to try it and test it.
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