Bit of a complicated question, fair warning.

I'm a huge Traktor fan, love everything about the software except for the effects. I suppose they're good for DJ effects, but I would much rather have effects processing similar to a DAW (3rd party plugins, more control, etc). I currently own Logic Pro, which I use to produce. With the help of Audio Jack, I can route my output to Logic easily, yet it is all for naught unless I can get Logic Pro to run as a slave to Traktors midi clock. The only problem is, Apple removed Logic's ability to receive midi clock synchronization in Logic 7, and I am currently using Logic 9. However, Logic does have the ability to take MTC. I was wondering if there was any way I can either route Traktor's midi clock through a midi sync to MTC converter (if one even exists) within my computer and then into Logic?

I know Logic is not geared for live performance, but it is all I have right now. I know Live can receive midi clock signals but as of right now I can't afford to buy Ableton. I do have the Intro version of Live but it doesn't allow for the input of multiple stereo tracks, meaning the only effects I would be able to apply would be on the master (not to individual channels). If there is any way I can swing this without having to fork out any extra money please let me know, because this is driving me crazy!

Thanks in advance