DJ-tech Mix-101 illuminated button mappings.
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    Default DJ-tech Mix-101 illuminated button mappings.


    I'm currently using a Mix-101 in combination with a Launchpad on Ableton. Ableton will let you map any CC or note to anything so the Mix-101 works perfectly, however none of the buttons light up. This didn't bother me until I was working in the darkest DJ booth on the planet and couldn't see anything apart from my backlit macbook and launchpad so I thought getting these illuminated might be a good idea. Here is what i've done so far:

    Emailed DJ-tech. They didn't reply.

    Asked for advice on IRC. It was suggested that I used a midi sniffer while running the original software that came with it to find out what notes/CC messages the software was sending to the device. Because I was using Ableton and didn't want to use Decadance I was an idiot and threw that out. DJ-tech also do not have anywhere you can redownload it and noone is rehosting it.

    Googled, found this place. Someone apparently had one of the other models in the same range where the lights are controlled by sending notes 80 and 81 (G# and F an octave above middle C) to midi channel 1. I forwarded midi from my keyboard and glissando'd all the notes on every midi channel and nothing happened. I've not figured out a way of spamming CC messages to it yet. I also tried echoing all the input from the keyboard back to the mix-101 to no avail.

    Is there anyone here who has worked out what these messages are or still has the original software and can run a sniffer on it for me? I'd greatly appreciate it. If not i'll take it apart and hardwire the lights permanantly on.

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    There we go

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    Thanks for that. I just set up something to output all the notes at the -1 octave at max velocity and they still aren't coming on though. I normally have the controller at channel 8 but have changed it to channel 1 for testing. I have tried sending these notes to every channel. Any idea what i'm missing?

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    Hmm this forum seems to be losing my replies...

    Those notes seem to be the same as the ones generated by the buttons, but sending them back to the device doesn't light the buttons. I also created a loop that sends all the notes in the -1 octave going up in semitones at max velocity and that didn't seem to work either.

    Any ideas?

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