VCI-400 timecode compatibility
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    Default VCI-400 timecode compatibility

    Hello everyone, i am new to the forum and have a query which has been troubling me for sometime.
    I want to purchase a new controller which i am mainly going to use for small events but which i want to use with my turntable, i am undecided between the VCI 400 ege and the s4. I was more lean towards the vci until i heard that it doesn't support timecode as not certified for scratch pro, is there any way i can still use it with a turntable without buying a soundcard (audio 4,6,8)?
    Also, if i have to go for the s4, is NI going to release a new controller soon, is it worth it to buy the s4 now knowing it's been out for quite a long time now ?


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    Why would you want a midi controller to support timecode?

    With the VCI400, you can use 2 of the channels as an analogue mixer and the other 2 as midi for Traktor or deck C/D. The S4 doesnt serve as an independant mixer.

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    You can use the VCI 400 as a standalone mixer for regular non-timecode vinyl, or for timecode with other applications like VDJ that don't restrict usage based on what sound card you are using.
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