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    Default Numark 4trak?

    Basically, I don't like how the whole thing is brushed aluminum, but i do like that the whole thing is 100% traktor integrated. So because the numark ns6 and the numark 4trak are literally the same button layout, would it be possible to just swap the metal cases?

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    That would be like one of those MR2 Ferrari conversions. There's one way to find out. Try and post pics.
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    other than a lot of the labels on the case saying something different, its worth a shot, i don't think most of us have access to the funds to do this, but if you do go for it man.

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    ive tried taking apart my s4, and those aluminum cases are usually glued with crazy adhesive stuff that makes it real difficult to pry off. even if you're really delicate, you might end up bending the metal case/face and cause it to not fit properly. If you're only issue is the surface/look of the controller, just add stickers or spray paint it... no ones gonna be looking at ur controller anyways while ur out djing....
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    I love my 4trak's brushed aluminum look, but I get what you're saying. I don't think the layouts of the NS6 and the 4Trak are completely Identical. I asked Odyssey about a flight case swap from an NS6 to a 4Trak and this is what they said:


    You are correct about them both being almost the same size. We usually give
    about 3/4 of an inch for foam that you can cut with a razorblade. You are
    good on the width. On the length however, you are cutting it pretty close to
    it not fitting. Also, on the height, you are off a bit and it may cause the
    glide platform not to slide back into plate all the way considering the 4
    trak has a bigger height. To sum this all up, I would suggest you consider
    buying the FZGS4TRAK. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    That's the answer I got from Odyssey. If you're wanting a different look, I'd paint mine with phosphorescent paint that glows under a black light... that'd make your 4Trak stand out and it'd look way better on top of brushed aluminum than the black case of the NS6 and you'd be 100% unique.

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    get a custom skin done at
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