""That's bugged," says Bam, who often speaks in terms of sound effects, as if waiting for the right word to show up. It may be a while, so "bugged" will do. Though much of Bam's memory belongs to a record collection that defies mini-storage, you can always count on "bugged," a hip-hop jargonist that has survived for over two decades, its etymology based on the act of going out of one's head through one's eyes while attended by invisible (and apparently very busy) insects under one's skin. When eyes "bug out" from their sockets, doctors call it globe lunation. Despite its provenance in pre-Industrial sanitariums, bugging out frequented military argot during the Korean War, referring to US soldiers in a state of bullet-hastened egress. (Retreat was less a matter of going crazy than coming to one's senses.) Yet losing one's mind never goes out of style, and hip-hop, ever reinventing the tongue, would replace "mad" with "bugged," converting the former into a quantitative adverb, as if rightfully assuming everyone is insane."

Above is a quote from Dave Tompkins "How To Wreck a Nice Beach" - which was a staple in learning and researching more about the in depth and intriguing history of the vocoder. It is an incredibly fascinating piece of equipment, so often leaving behind a trail of space-age mystery. What is presented here is NOT a 'best-of' collection by any means. A person could make 100 mixes of great vocoder/talkbox tunes and still have more to spare (check this user-created list on Discogs - http://www.discogs.com/lists/Vocatio...t/28521?page=1). That being said, there certainly are some timeless classics on here.

Art - Warren Keefe (http://www.flickr.com/photos/warrenkeefe)

Please enjoy!


1. An Alternative Introduction
2. California/Computer Love
3. Nothin'/Intergalactic
4. I Like It
5. Hips
6. Trans Europe Express/B-Beat Classic
7. Party Machine
8. Mr. Groove/Teddy's Jam
9. Rockit
10. We Can't Be Held Back/The DMX Will Rock
11. Dance Floor
12. Don't Stop/Tenebre
13. Just Give The DJ A Break/Change The Beat
14. Looking For The Perfect Beat
15. The Sound of Music
16. I Wanna Be With You
17. The Voice of Q
18. E=MC2/I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
19. Disco Dictator (Luke Million remix)
20. Imagination
21. Funky Bee-Bop
22. Hide and Freak
23. Capricorn (Instrumental)
24. Cybernetic Love
25. Disco Train
26. Au Oui Comme Ca
27. Digital Love
28. Greetings
29. Don't Stop The Rock
30. Lookout Weekend
31. Space Is The Place
32. Jam The Box
33. Egypt Egypt
34. Panic Zone
35. I'm Ready
36. Pete Drake and His Amazing Talking Guitar
37. Tonight/Nightcall
38. Let's Take Off
39. Needle To The Groove
40. Shutterbugg/Synthesizer
41. Get Dis Money (Instrumental)
42. In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
43. Ode To Perfume
44. Planet Caravan