Channel faders need to reset everytime I load a track.
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    Default Channel faders need to reset everytime I load a track.

    Everytime I load a new track, if I press play on the new track it plays on the speakers regardless of where my channel faders or crossfader is set. (Usually I have it down at this point)

    If I move the fader up and down, it seems to reset and starts responding properly. I can work around this obviously, but its frustrating and is just begging to cause a mistake everytime I load a new track.

    This has happened with the few different mappings I've tried, so not sure that this is specific to a mapping. Is this a common thing? Please help me figure this out.

    I'm also really dumb when it comes to mappings and controllers, but Im a quick learner..just recently switched over from pure turntables and vinyl, so please dumb it down as much as possible.

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    There's an option in preferences to reset deck controls when loading a new track.
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    Resetting settings when reloading a track is the worst thing you can do - your settings won't match between controller and software.
    Except now, between every track, not only initially!

    When you first start traktor you have to move all the faders and shift+move-to-center the pitch faders to get the positions synced.

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