Beginner starting out - VCI-100 SE question
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    Default Beginner starting out - VCI-100 SE question

    Hey guys, new here. First of all I wanted to thank DJ TechTools for having such an awesome community, as I've learned a great deal already just by reading the articles. Keep up the great work!

    Now on to my question.. I'm just a beginner looking to get into recreational DJ'ing, simply as a hobby, maybe entertain some friends, but nothing more. Much thanks to this site, I've decided to go with the VCI-100 controller, but here's where I'm stuck - is there that much difference between the regular silver VCI-100 and the black SE for someone like me who's just starting to learn?

    I have an opportunity to buy a used VCI-100 for $400, so I'm wondering if I should just get that now, or wait for the VCI-100 SE to be available? I couldn't really find any info on what new additions are included in the SE besides the updated firmware and the customized overlays. Is the standard VCI-100 with the old firmware really that buggy, or is the difference simply something that only someone with experience would notice?

    Thanks for your feedback and I'm looking forward to reading what you guys think

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    I have to say that I would really like to have the SE edition. Plus the firmaware upgrade it has the the led changed, excellent improvement but sadly I just have a regular one, which I adore.
    I have own it for more than 2 years now and it is great. I donīt do much controllerism so for my use the regular edition is ok.

    Although mine is pimped with the black overlay plus the black knobs (they are great!) which you can always buy from the DJtt store.

    So both versions will make you very happy, I hope.
    Just remember that without the firmware update the Djtt TSI files wont work completly.
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    Just get the regular one and save yourself a ton of cash, then either buy the firmware upgrade kit from here, or find someone nearby that has it and can help flash your VCI-100. This will upgrade it to firmware 1.3, effectively making it an SE model.

    If you want to then use Eans mapping files, you could also buy an overlay, but its up to you.
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