Traktor with expression pedal?
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    Default Traktor with expression pedal?

    Hello djtt members, got another question for you all.

    Is there anyway I can use an expression pedal to control a knob in a fx rack a kontrol s4 and foot pedal? If not, how can I use my m audio venoms pedal input to control it?

    I want to use an expression pedal to control the third knob in my fx rack. Hardware wise I have a kontrol s4 with a foot pedal input on the back of it. Can this input utilise an expression pedal or just a foot switch?

    I also have a m audio venom connected via a midi cable to the s4's input. It has a dedicated expression pedal jack. How would I go about routing the midi from the foot switch into traktor? I tried to do it in the kontrol manager with the learn feature but traktor wasn't picking up anything.

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    A footswitch on the s4, override the native function previewed to control any parameter. The rest is a bit of mapping.
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    I do this. I have keyboard Pedal Plugged into my S4 and use the foot pedal as an Echo, Because I play guitar this allows me to "make room" for a guitar rift.
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