Beginner controller questions
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    Default Beginner controller questions

    Years ago I used to do a bit of djing and have recently bought some new turntables to replace my old ones. I'm really interested in digital but have no experience other than vinyl. I'm looking for a budget controller to try and have the following requirements
    - must be less than 200
    - I really want to switch between mixing vinyl and mp3. Not bothered about dvs just mixing between the 2.
    -I do not gig etc,purely bedroom.
    -set up currently is 2x vestax pdx and numark dm100 mixer
    The two controllers I have seen which might fit the bill are hercules rmx and American audio vms2.1.
    Any help or suggestions on a good budget setup?

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    Old good BCD3000 has phono inputs and default mapping got that functionality. And it's cheap.

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