Hey guys,

I have a question on how to map the Kontrol F1 to play a sample and an effect at the same time when holding down a pad. Just like in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...v=DTCnJJDQ0Pc#!

At 4:30 Ean explains how to do this with a Midi Fighter, but I cannot make it work with my Traktor Kontrol. When I try to assign something like Mid Kill to a pad which as a sample under it, the Kontrol starts acting weird. First it'll work just fine, I hit the pad while a song is playing and the mid frequencies are killed while I hold down the pad and the Remix Deck Sample plays simultaneously. But all of a sudden when I hit the pad, I also activate the cue button of the track that's playing.

So at first it's fine, I press play on the track deck, the song starts playing, I hold the pad, the Mid gets killed and the remix deck sample plays over the track.

But then it seems like the pad suddenly gets assigned another function, this being the cue button of the track deck which is playing. So the mid gets killed, the sample plays and the song jumps back to cue point, while I didn't assign it to be controlling any cue points!

I hope I'm in the right forum, I didn't really know where else to post this. I hope someone can help me out, cause I find it very annoying and I cannot work with the Kontrol properly this way.