MIDI drum pad with Traktor S4 style buttons?
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    Default MIDI drum pad with Traktor S4 style buttons?

    Hey guys. I made a thread earlier about real sensitive drum pads. I just bought the Maschine like a week ago and I actually hated it. The pads were too stiff and not as responsive as I thought they would be. Mind you, this was a used Maschine off Craigslist. 1st edition (only orange pads).
    So while it was used, it was still in good condition.

    Anyways, I LOVE the Traktor S4s pads. They're real response and are not too stiff, but not too "gooey" like the notation launch pad.... So my question is...

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a drum pad with those style buttons or pads??
    I've gotten used to the instant sensitivity of a Beatgrid on the iPad and the s4 is the only thing that matches it. Thanks for your help. I'd appreciate any responses considering I typed this all out on my iPhone haha.
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    image.jpgsomething like this?

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