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    Default Mixed in Key Harmonic Mixing Contest

    found this posted on DJForums, and since there are many here who enjoy the benefits of harmonic mixing, i think some of us should give this a go:

    Mixed In Key launches Harmonic Mixing DJ Contest

    The challenge: Contestants must showcase their favorite music genre in a 10-15 minute mix that will impress the world’s best DJs. The top winner receives prizes worth over $3000.

    Contest website link: http://contest.mixedinkey.com/

    The top winner will receive:

    · Cutting-edge “Thinkpad W500” laptop from Lenovo, configured by Mixed In Key for DJing and music production

    · Brand-new Native Instruments Komplete 6 bundle - announced on September 1

    · Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro with the Audio 8 DJ sound card

    · Free copies of all current and future Mixed In Key DJ products

    · An article and interview with the winning DJ

    · Mixed In Key “Gold Winner” award plaque

    The Mixed In Key team will listen to each entry and pick the 20 best ones. The judging panel will then choose 5 winners.

    The judges are:

    High Contrast, Drum-and-Bass maestro from the United Kingdom

    Jonas Tempel, CEO and founder of www.Beatport.com

    Kaskade, House music producer and DJ from the United States

    Markus Schulz, Trance pioneer based in Miami

    Pete Tong, host of Essential Mix and Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1

    Yakov Vorobyev, founder of Mixed In Key

    Contest details:

    1) Entry deadline: October 15, 2009

    2) The mix has to be 100% harmonic

    3) The mix must be between 10-15 minutes in length

    4) Judging criteria: The mix must inspire listeners to become fans of that music genre, take the listener on a journey, and showcase innovation in harmonic mixing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JesterNZDJ
    My solution: Pay some one to whack them so you don't have any competition

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    Looks interesting. Saw this in FB. Would be cool for some DJTT guys to have a go at it.
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    That is a crazyyyy ass first place prize...Def gonna give it a go but who am i trying to joke??...No way i can get that shit...Im mostly A > B dj and I guess what they are looking for is to at least pack 4 - 7 songs into that time frame where as traditional EDM is about 8 minutes a song -_-...G fookin G

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    well they say they're trying to open people up to new genres that aren't given much club time, so it doesn't have to be "traditional EDM". even if you want to use tracks that use a standard structure, instead of bringing in the track in the last 32 bars, maybe drop it 32 bars before the breakdown. i'm not an expert on your style of mixing, merely suggestions on how to pack more songs into a mix. that said..

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesterNZDJ
    My solution: Pay some one to whack them so you don't have any competition

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    only one genre? .... :S

    the prize is worth giving it a shot tho, not to mention getting heard by the likes of pete tong and high contrast. definitely givin this one a stab... the hard part will be choosing a genre.

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    I have mentioned this before, but currently these guys inappriately repesent the scope of their intellectual property rights over the entire "camelot system":

    This stifles competitors that worry about being dragged into ligitation:

    They have promised me to look into their choice of language after I initiated a thread on their forums, exchanged a few emails and chatted with Yakov:

    The gist is I think they are good people, but I think they are wrong in this and waiving arounf intellectual property rights which are not legit just bugs the hell out of me. So I just wanted to make sure that everybody is aware of this.

    Just as a brief summary (the forum post gives more details):
    They have trademarked the terms "camelot notation" and "camelot wheel" they obviously have a copyright on the exact representation of their camelot wheel and they do have a few patents on automatic key detection.

    However they do not have a patent on the mapping from a normal key to the "camelot notation". And of course anyone can draw a circle of fifths and use the camelot notation instead or inaddition to the normal keys. However their licensing page makes it sound like this isnt the case.
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    I really love the prices, I need the new laptop and I don´t have the Audio8. I don´t know much about Harmonic mixing and to be honest I have never used that color wheel thing
    My camelot ears tell me that this set is quite in key... Lets hope the jury thinks the same and I can get something in rep of DJTT.

    Well what do you think? I focused on the one genre thing and in convincing the audience to like this genre . If you don´t like it there is nothing much to do as I alreday submitted it . But comments and listeners are well welcome.

    BTW it is a Tech House set...

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