New Sound, Feedback??
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    Default New Sound, Feedback??

    kinda of a different approach I am starting to take, hope it is enjoyable for you Constructive feedback is always appreciated

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    I listened to this on soundcloud because I follow you, lol.

    I thought it was an interesting direction for you to take, original sounding. I'm not sure I've heard too much other music that sounds quite like this? It's like.. epic.. progressive.. house.. with some sorta breaky elements? Could be quite effective as music for film or video games I think...

    In any case, I like it ok even though I listen to nothing like it ever. The technical elements are all really solid. Nice sounds, nice drum programming, etc.
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    Why thank you sir As I was making it I was listening to a lot of older Pink Floyd...just got inspired to try something a little different than what I normally make. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and analyze it

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