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    Default Icon Collective for Music Production

    Hey guys,

    Tried giving the forum a search but came up empty-handed. Just wanted to ask if anyone here has had any experience with Icon Collective down in LA. After finally picking up some decent gigs and playing with some dope artists, I've put a lot of my focus on producing for awhile but really looking to step my game up.

    The tuition is $15,000, plus the expense of living in LA (moving from Toronto, Canada), and I am looking to see if anyone has had any first hand experience with the school and what their thoughts are. They have a pretty impressive line up of instructors and artists who've graduated from there, but it is an enormous investment.

    At 23, I'm pretty conflicted. The money would be great to put towards my first home and continue on with my 9-5 office grind...but another part of me is telling me to just do it because I'll regret it if I don't. So this is where you guys come in...if anyone's been or has any experience here I'd love to hear about it. I've already submitted my application and paid a portion of my tuition (fully refundable), and have about 5 months to decide to take a huge risk or play it safe at home.

    Any input would be appreciated!
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    Default Icon Collective is a joke

    Icon Collective is a joke. I went to their open house a few months ago. Their main topic was ,"Young producers and DJs getting paid $60,000 per gig." They are total sales men making it seem like once you graduate you'll be a million air living the life flying private jets. (Hmm, so why are they teaching instead of living the big life??) I've worked with a couple of the instructors there in the past and honestly I'm very surprised these guys are being paid to teach "music production."
    Plus side, you'll meet other people who are interested in the same shit as you. Although a majority of the students there seem like there are in it to be the next Skrilldog. I saw absolutely ZERO passion at that place. The price they are charging is ridiculous. They are there to make money not for the passion of music.
    I am embarrassed to say I considered going there..

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    Default Icon Collective 2013!

    I know this thread is super old, but I'm sure people looking into the school may still come across this as a review so I figured I would add a more up-to-date response!

    Icon Collective has found its home at the famous Enterprise Studios in Burbank, CA. The facility is nothing short of amazing, and boasts a list of music legends who have walked the halls and recorded in the studios.

    The 9-month program, offered in-house and online, is phenomenal but don't just take it from me. It's super easy to do your own research. They offer free tours almost every day of the week and you can even sit in on a class. What's more is you can chat with current students about their experience, and who better than them to tell you about everything Icon has to offer.

    If you want to take your time researching, they host weekly Advisor Q&A sessions through their Facebook page which are open to everyone, and are always hosted by different people in the music industry including well-known DJs and producers as well as in-house instructors.

    Hope this helps!

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