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    Default New Install Snow Leopard

    Hi there, I've just bought a new harddrive (500gb 7200rpm) as mine died on me - all my stuff is backed up on an external drive using carbon copy cloner. Normally I'd just use CCC to copy it back on to the new drive as its a bootable copy but I'd like to take this opportunity to a) install Snow Leopard and b) clean up my system a bit. The plan is to do a clean install of Snow Leopard on the hard drive and then just pick and choose what to copy accross.

    The issue is what do I do with Traktor? Obviously I will need to make sure the paths work with the new drive for the library and stripes etc but will Traktor think that this is a new Mac and a fresh installation and will I then need an activation code? Not an issue for Itch as that doesn't have a software license but I am a bit concerned that Traktor will want me to buy it again.

    Thanks in advance!

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    with T3 i copied it from my old machine (imac) to my mbp over firewire and it worked fine, but just to be safe i'd copy all native instruments/traktor files/.plist's and all that, not just the application folder. / /
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    Dont worry about the License thing. You will just need to Activate Traktor again with Service Centre. You will need your Registration Number. You can view this on the NI Support Website (login required) if you dont have it written down.

    As for the Paths. If you can name the Hard Drive with the same name as the previous one then you will be fine. Changing the OS doesnt really come into play.

    If you cant rename the drive all you need to do is install Traktor and copy over the Collection.nml from your backup and replace the one on the laptop with the copy and do a "Relocate" on all the tracks and specify the new drive.

    If your on Traktor 3 its the same but hopefully you have done "Write Tags ASYNC".

    Either way just copying the Folders back to the new drive should work if you can name the Hard Drive the same as the previous as Traktor will look for that path.

    Relocate can take a while but it will work.

    If your on TPRO (not Beta) you may have problems with SL and Service Center. If you do then do this:


    Under Snow Leopard some folders from application support
    will copied to the wrong location, resulting in the issue that Service
    Center will not detect Traktor for activation and that it can not find
    the factory settings folder at startup. Here is how you can fix it
    (provided by Andreas):

    - Close all application.

    - Copy the "Traktor.xml" file from:

    Applications/ Library/ Application Support/ Native Instruments/ Service


    Macintosh HD/ Library/ Application Support/ Native Instruments/ Service

    - Copy the "factory settings" folder from:

    Applications/ Library/ Application Support/ Native Instruments/ Traktor


    Macintosh HD/ Library/ Application Support/ Native Instruments/ Traktor

    - Restart your computer.

    Now Traktor can be activated with the Service Center and should run fine.
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    amazing thanks for the comprehensive reply karlos - i will give it a go tonight and let you know how it goes.

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