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    Default Evolve Mutations Bundle

    Hey, has anyone dived into Evolve Mutations at all? I'm interested in hearing peoples views on it. I wanted to integrate intense percussion and glitch in mutations into some dubstep/glitch production.

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    Hey - I have all of the Heavyocity stuff (including the Evolve mutations bundle). You can hear some of it in my work on soundcloud.com/Botstein. The latest track features Aeon as well.

    The focus of that group's work (as Heavy Melody) is on music for picture - trailers, etc. I think the epic and cinematic aesthetic comes through. I love it - I don't go for the Burial or London-basement-dubplate style (which I do like) or the brostep/Skrillex direction in my own productions, so these atmospheres and timbres help me reach out in a bit of a different direction.

    These libraries are REALLY impressive answers to Kontakt. Everything is at your fingertips - the melodic samples are organised as one would expect up and down the keyboard, and the loop menus and mapped loop slices make production/composition very accessible as well as very deep.
    I especially enjoy using them with my 61SLmkii for which I have Damage, Evolve, and Aeon mappings.

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