Have a pretty tricky questions for everyone. Not sure if anyone has asked this, but im sure they have.

I DJ with a friend on a regular basis and at often times, when mixing songs together we always go over each others shoulders or cant get to a certain knob because of limited space or just cause the other person is too busy.

So I thought of an idea of using a Kontrol S2 and my Midi Fighter 3D with Traktor Pro 2 on a Macbook Pro to spin with 2 people.

One person would be using a Kontrol S2 and the other a Midi Fighter, this helps create space between each person and we have all the controls we need to dj (mostly transport) besides the EQ and faders. We would be using 1 laptop, DJM 800, Kontrol S2, Audio 2, USB Hub, and Midi Fighter 3D.

My audio equipment consist of the Kontrol S2 and using the midi fighter with a Audio 2 connected to a DJM 800 for EQing.

I was wondering how the audio set up would be for this, or if anyone knew. I was thinking of just using the Kontrol S2 as a midi controller to control the same decks in Traktor that the Midi Fighter would be controlling. We wouldnt be using 2 decks each, but rather the same 2 decks with different controllers for ease of space and use. If I connect the S2 as just a midi controller thru USB to the computer, the EQ knobs and faders would not work for traktor and only transport controls, if my Audio 2 was set as the main soundcard?

Please let me know your thoughts! Much appreciated