after all the help you guys provided me with..
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    Default after all the help you guys provided me with..

    after 3 years of practice, I've finally finished my 1st "Official" Club Promotional Mix.. so here's a big THANK YOU to all the (positive) members of this forum, who have been patient and constructive in helping me to get past all the obstacles I've experienced along the way.. Thank you all once again, and I hope you all enjoy a listen

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    Congrats sir, a few things after listening. There a few out of key transitions, that you would probably want to think about rephrasing or bringing in a different style (the first mix, sounds good at first, but you let them ride together to long and it starts to clash)

    My overall Critique is that in a club setting, at an hour and a half of your mix, you need to really throw some more tracks in there, shorter play outs, and more showcasing possibly some technical skill that spices up the mix. The first few years I went slanging CDs, I noticed that until I started really trying to show off on a pre recorded disc, owners in Seattle wouldnt even listen to them

    In the end it also depends on the type of club setting you are trying to get into.

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