hi guys, need a quick pointer.

I've come up with a quick remix i made by accident whilst having a mix the other day of these two tunes....

Obviously just having some of the vocals on a couple of Cue points of the wiley track and cutting the low end and cranking the mids a bit. However, i'd like to have a crack at a making a bootleg of it.

I had a look a the DJTT article about acapella's (couldn't find the wiley acapella anywhere!) and it mentioned making you're own by having the instrumental of the tune with the normal version and inverting the instrumental to produce the acapella.

Can this be done with the sampler in maschine or with some of it's EQ's and would the end product be any better than mixing it on my decks anyway?

Cheers for any help. This would be my first attempt at anything like this, so do point out if i've got something drastically wrong!