Audio output on Native Instruments sound cards
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    Default Audio output on Native Instruments sound cards

    Hi all, I have heard that the Audio 10 , S4 and S2 have a louder output than the Audio2, is this true? What about the Z2 is this better again? Is there a difference between the quality of a 1/4" jack plug compared to XLR? S2 and S4 have balanced outs with 1/4 TS while Z2 has balanced outs with XLR. XLR should be better especially over a longer cable, true or fiction?
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    The Audio 2 has more volume than you'd ever need. There is absolutely no difference between 1/4" TRS and XLR connections in terms of electrical properties or audio quality.
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    You could look at the spec sheets of each and compare them. That should tell you what you want to know.
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