Sunday Morning Funky Beats Mix #1
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    Default Sunday Morning Funky Beats Mix #1

    I am pretty new here (only a couple of months). I didn't see a mix subforum, so if this is the wrong place to post stuff like this please forgive me.

    Just a quick little funky set I threw together while having my first cup of coffee this morning. It took me about 20 minutes to make it. A mix of breaks/breakbeats, Future Funk/Nu-Funk, and Glitch Hop. Starts at 100 BPM and finishes at 110 BPM.

    This is the first mix I have ever posted online. Please do critique away.

    I mixed this short set on my Traktor Kontrol S4, Traktor 2.6.1. All my tracks are legally licensed to me.


    • The Mothership - K+Lab
    • Blastaa - GRiZ
    • Wait (Au5 & IYFFE Remix) - ADVENTURE CLUB
    • Bad Taste - Sammy Source
    • We Are One (Original Vocal Mix) [feat. Splitbreed] - Pegboard Nerds
    • Anita Ward - Ring My Bell (Kill Paris Remix)

    Thanks for the feedback

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClrCreekRdr View Post
    I didn't see a mix subforum
    Mixes and Productions.

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