serato/traktor key detection help!!!!
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    Default serato/traktor key detection help!!!!

    Need a little help guys.

    Ive been using the pioneer ddj s1 with serato itch and everything has been fine.
    I recently bought the traktor control s4 to get the that platform down.

    I wanted to a way to sync all my musics cues and comments from serato to traktor and I used the SSL database converter and everything converted over perfectly (My cues, my comments, and my mixed in key keys)

    Where my issue arises, when i went back to dj on serato itch, all of my keys in serato have been switched over from my camelot keys (1A, 2A...) to traktors key detection (1m, 1d, 2m...). How can I make switch them back from traktor keys to camelot keys????

    Also does anyone know what the translation of the camelot to traktor keys are??

    for example: 1A= what in traktors key detection, 2A=?, 3A=?...etc

    Any help would be greatly apprectiated. Thanks everybody.

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    I've had th same issue just with Traktor. The problem is that Traktor rewrites the key (or something like this). I still can't find how to fix it so if anyone knows how, let us know!
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