Recording your own vocals and other vocal questions
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    Default Recording your own vocals and other vocal questions

    Hey guys,

    I have made a track and want to spice it up with vocals. The idea of having my voice on the track excites me and I really want to make it work. Problem I never sang and I am faaar from being a singer. oh and English is not my first language though I speak very well and only have slight accent. I tried recording my voice on my mac via Ableton and after EQing it sounds decent in terms of mixdown but i always feel it's so out of place! I know everyone thinks their voice is weird and sounds strange but maybe you guys can share how you overcome the fear that you sound silly. The track is deep house so I will be transposing it down slightly and have very few sentences.

    1. Any of your experiences with recording and adding your voice to tracks?
    2. Tips on the writing lyrics?
    3. Tips on approaching figuring out where the vocals would go when the song is ready?

    Hope I make sense


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    id love this exact advise too

    Sorry i cant help OP in the same boat as you more or less... good luck with the track!
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    if your not adamant on making the vocals yourself you can also try talking to a few local rappers/mcs and see if they can help you out. there are also a tonne of people you can hire (if you have the funds) that can vocals for songs. Another option you have is that you could take an acapella from another song, edit it to your liking and sample it in your tune
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