Sound output quality: DDJ-SX or Traktor Kontrol S4
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    Default Sound output quality: DDJ-SX or Traktor Kontrol S4

    Hi All,

    I would greatly appreciate if you guys can help me out with this.
    I am looking into buying a new controller, so far I have come down to
    DDJ-Sx or the S4. Just want to know whether the sound of the S4 would
    be better than the SX or not, as the S4 has the 24bit, 96khz output.

    I am a traktor user, so I have to do the hassle of the mapping for the SX as well.
    But look wise, of course the SX is cooler, but for me sound output is more
    important. The Pioneer guys cleverly doesn't give the spec out..!

    Any suggestions, comments would be truly appreciated guys..
    Thanks in advance.

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    There's a section in the DJTT review about the sound quality of the SX:
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