Remapping Kontrol S4
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    Default Remapping Kontrol S4

    So I have created a new mapping by over writing a lot of the factory mappings and what I am now trying to achieve is to have FX buttons for each deck control effect units 1-4 by mapping a shift key to the shift button and when shift is active FX button 1 now controls FX button 3, and 2 becomes 4. The mapping works fine the problem im having is that on the right side of my S4 (B&D) the led for Fx 1 will not come on and on the left side (A&C) leds for Fx unit 2 wont work. But at the same time Fx leds for 3 and 4 work fine an appear how they should when the shift key is held down. I know I have the led's mapped properly but it still wont give me feed back. I think this has something to do with going from 2 fx units to 4 because this happened right when I switched to 4 does any one have any idea how to resolve this??

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    This cannot be solved. Because of the way NI made the 2fx/4fx work as an option, the LEDs cannot be remapped with the override function.

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