So I use a Kontrol X1, and I want to do an effect combination to one knob, I think this is called smart knob.
What I want to do is when i do a sweep I'll use Iceverb, Peakfilter, and reverb in fx bank 1. I want to map one knob to control the dry/wet amnt, and then also the amnt of the 3 effects all together (wicked simple mapping). (its taken from this youtube video: )

What I want is when I start to turn that knob, it automatically snaps those 3 FX's into fx bank 1.

Basically i got a blank knob, i want that knob, when i turn it up to turn on and snap to Iceverb, Peakfilter, and reverb in fx bank 3 (changed my idea of where i wanted it) and correspondingly turn up the amount and dry/wet amount of Iceverb, Peakfilter, and reverb. then when i turn it back down, shut those 3 off.

I would bet that this is posted somewhere on here already but after 3 hours of looking around and learning about smart knobs, super knobs, modifiers and advanced modifiers and still not finding out how to do that specifically, I was hoping one of you more experienced guys could answer the question for me in a few simple sentences.

Now here is the problem, I can't seem to change the Type of Controller into "Button" and "Direct", and the only option I have is Fader/Knob. However, because of that I can't choose any FX to assign to that knob.
If anyone could tell me how I can change the Type of Controller into "button" ? That would be fantastic!!

Thanks Guys!