I have Xone 92 mixer and have been thinking about switching to Xone db2. Before you say that there have been similar posts about it before, let me

explain what questions I have and why I haven't found an answer to them in any of those posts.
The main advantage of db2 for me is:
- isolation eq mode - I haven't personally checked it out but from what i have read, most people who have a mixer with that mode, switched to isolation

eq style of mixing
- effects - probably more than I will ever need and of studio quality
- input matrix - a nice feature which lends itself to exciting experiments setting up loops/effects on the same track on different channels

What I would like to know is:
- Is isolaltion/full kill eq mode a really that big of a deal, meaning opening up a whole new dimension in mixing style, and whether I could mimic it

easily on xone 92 - as I said, I haven't personally tried/heard it so it is hard for me to judge whether I can mimic it on my 92.
- filters - how the filters on db2 compare to Xone 92 filters - objectively, without typical analogue-bias. Also, how do they compare to Xone 92/ send-

return Ableton FX combination - I haven't personally tried it out and I am very curious whether such combination is manageable - ease of use and how the

quality of effects compares to db2 effects.
- if someone made a similar transition from Xone 92 to db2, I'm interested what his/her impressions are and whether they're happy about it or regret it

and, if so, why

The problem with all threads involving Xone 92 people got hung up on 4-band eq and analog filters and waste entire thread glorifying them because it's

an analogue mixer without objectively focusing on concrete reasons why other mixers that they are supposed to compare it to are worse in that regard.

Also, someone usually brings up that shorter led meter thing with db2 and, all of the sudden, discussion steers towards db4 because someone mentioned

that because of that he will only buy db4. Then everyone starts talking about how much they want db4 and how expensive it is and again, it pretty much

kills the original thread which was dealing with comparison to db2.

Thanks in advance for help