how to switch the F1 between modes in traktor (quick question)
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    Default how to switch the F1 between modes in traktor (quick question)

    ok so by default, my f1 runs the normal way.
    i.e., fires off remix decks etc.

    but how do i switch it to the other mode in traktor?
    the one that is mapped to the extra front panel that comes in the F1 box..

    Thanks in advance you guys.

    wanting to use the f1 like this for setting hot cues while i travel etc.
    since the f1 is so small and portable.

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    "If Traktor is launched, you can choose User Map or MIDI Mode to launch when pressing Shift+Browse. The default User Map is an alternate set of Track Deck controls that are laid out on the included Track Deck overlay. This set of controls roughly mimics the functionality of a Kontrol X1, giving you access to all eight hot-cues on two Track Decks, Loop and Move mode, FX units, and sync/master/keylock controls."
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    The default setting for the F1's MIDI mode is good for what it does and all but if you want to use it for anything else then you have to midi map it yourself. hot cues can be particularly annoying to map but luckily here is a great mapping just for that (shameless plug)

    i also highly Tekken's F1 Ultimate FX Mapping for some awesome insta grat effects and then some
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