Behringer U-Control + Traktor?
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    Default Behringer U-Control + Traktor?

    Hello again, DJ TechTools community!

    Here's the deal - one of my buddies is thinking about making the jump into digital DJing and needs a (very) inexpensive audio interface. I've insisted about a million times that she pick up an Audio 2 but... I'm not even going to get into it

    So I tried a couple of Google searches and although I'm pretty sure that this won't work, I felt like running it by ya'll anyways...

    Would a Behringer U-Control (one of these: Behringer-Control-UCA202-Audio-Interface or these Behringer-UCA222-U-Control-Ultra-Low-Interface) allow her to somehow cue/pre-listen to tracks in Traktor, while her internal soundcard is used simultaneously for the master output?

    Again, I'm almost positive that this wouldn't be a viable solution but any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to suggest alternative interfaces under $100 if you know of any.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Quick additional thought on the U-Control - would monitoring be possible if the channel is set to mono? Would the master have to be set to mono as well?
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    The numark dj interface is pretty good for about $100 too. 2 in 2 out.

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    Definately go for the Audio 2 DJ. It has a much better quality than anything Numark or Behringer. Goes for 99 euros in the NI shop, which is 119 dollars. Maybe check Ebay or something like that? I can assure you the extra money on this baby is well spent...

    Quick search on Ebay got me this:
    99 dollar and free shipping...
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