Kontrol S2 sampling issues in Traktor Pro 2.5
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    Default Kontrol S2 sampling issues in Traktor Pro 2.5

    Hello I am pretty new to djing and am having some issues with my sample decks in traktor. I have a kontrol s2 and whenever i load samples into the available slots the play back form when i push the cue buttons is kind of a toggle format meaning that when i hit one of the buttons the sample will start playing but then when i hit it again the sample pauses and then if i hit it a third time the sample starts over. I am trying to make it so that the sample plays only when i have my finger on the button and i can't seem to figure it out. Any tips/suggestions on this topic would be much appreciated. Also if there are any uber experts out there I was wondering how I would map this sort of thing into a Korg Nanopad

    Thanks Alot!

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    "Slot Retrigger Play" in "Hold" mode (rather than Toggle) should give you one-shot samples.
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    The 'slot trigger type' is command you're looking for.

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