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    Default Advanced Track List Labels


    While waiting for an official mapping for VCI-300 (hopelessly probably), I occupied myself with organizing and improving my CD collection. And I came to writing a small Perl script that makes CD labels as shown below, using an info from MediaMonkey playlists (via Custom Report plug-in) and MixMester BPM Analyzer reports.

    Both programs are free, so I thought if it would be of some use for somebody here. If it is, I'll upload my script and describe in details how to use it (probably compile it into a program). And if it is not, well… I'll be glad to hear some criticism or ideas on making a good usable CD label.

    PS: The idea of the tool is simple - you export MediaMonkey playlist to csv-file (a type of Excel table) and save MixMester scan results to txt, than run a script and it combines this files to html which you can printout as a track list.

    PS2: Three digits on the right side of each track indicate the pitch to match the BPMs in the upper-right corner. I'm thinking about rounding them to 0.05, since all those 0.79 are annoying me (it's 0.8 in a real life anyway).

    And also I'm thinking if I'm paying to much attention to all this…

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    That is pretty awesome mate. If I was using CDJs I'd definitely use this - I'd probably want track key on there too.
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    no way dude that +/- listing for bpm's is pretty sick. can you modify which bpm's it lists pitch changes for/how many are listed (the 126, 128 and 130)? / /
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    Sure, those "reference" BPMs are for house, I use others for jungle. And you can set absolutely any meaning you like. Also the script warns me if suggested pitch level for a particular track exceeds +/- 4.0 as most likely there's some mistake either with tracks BPM, or the reference meaning.

    2 lethal_pizzle: Actually it makes sense that people who discuss controller mappings won't need CD labels

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