Hi All,

Thanks for reading my thread. I need some help with my VCI-100.

I am using Traktor 2.50 with a Vestax VCI-100 and a Saffire 6 USB soundcard, running on a Apple MacBook Pro 10.7 Lion. I am using the default mapping that comes with Traktor for the VCI-100.

The issue i have is when i push the headphone cue button for deck B and slide the fade to control deck A i can still hear hear deck B in the monitors (speakers), not at full volume, very slightly but none the less its still there. It will go back to normal when i turn off the headphone cue button. i cant work out if its the fader or the cue button.

I have done as much trouble shooting as i can possibly can, i have changed mappings, re-installed drivers for my soundcard, tried cleaning out the fader etc etc. and still it persists. I dont want to buy a new fader incase its not the fader, how do i find this out. Confused!!!

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do. I will be ever more grateful

Mr Fox