Few questions from an old newbie.. An Oldbie? (Traktor Z2, Traktor Scratch Pro 2)
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    Default Few questions from an old newbie.. An Oldbie? (Traktor Z2, Traktor Scratch Pro 2)

    So recently, (As of last weekend) some of my friends pooled their resources and bought me a Traktor Z2 for my wedding gift..

    This makes me a super happy girl.. After 15 years of starting to work on my craft, (and probably more than a year away from having touched any mixer) I finally have my first shiny unused mixer. Most of the time I have shit luck, but I am great at picking friends.

    Anyway.. I had some questions.. thoughts.. musings.. that I am hoping the techtools denizens could help me out with..

    First off, I dig the S2/S4 Magic Prep tool Ean created and I'm hoping to create one for the Z2 So that when get to the monumental amount of prepping I have to do it will go fairly quickly.. What I was wondering was, would it be worth it to just download that mapping and reverse engineer it? I will do that if necessary.. But I would rather just know what needs to be mapped and whether I need to keep any modifier keys in mind.

    The other things I am wondering about is Grid points versus Cue Points.. I believe (I'll have to look it up in a manual) we have only 8 combined. So.. Maybe 2 Grid points.. and the rest for cues.. What's confusing me is the best way to combine and or utilize each to their own strengths. and the workflow of keeping them logically numbered.. I have no experience with the ability to use cue points to remix.. So for the foreseeable future I'm going to be working on my EQ'ing and turntablism.. But in the future I would like to not have to regrid everything for Cue points.. I suppose a lot of this is extremely moot.. I don't actually think I will be using cue points for remixing that much.. I've got to whole decks and volume knobs to mash buttons on..

    Any thoughts?
    What's the best way to divide and set cue/grid points for the most general use?

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    There is a setting in the config panel where you do not have to use your beatmarker grids as cuepoints.

    You can set the beat grid on the track and leave there cue slots for actual cue points. this is how I have it setup.

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    My guess is that you'll find in most cases that 8 stored cues are usually more than enough, but depends on your style of mixing. Keep in mind, if you didn't already know, you can store loops as well, and each stored loop takes a slot as well. So 8 slots total for cues/loops

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    Thanks guys! Most helpful!

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