Disco thek, old old do you have to be?
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    Default Disco thek, old old do you have to be?

    Im 15 and wanting to dj at a local discothek is 15 to young or am i old enough? (by the way i live in 'Merica and the title is suppose to say how old not old old)
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    if they sell alcohol you would have to be 21 i expect, 18 in most other countries.
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    You'd have to be able to at least get a work permit, which most venues won't bother with you because it's a pain in the ass.
    When you are 16 you can work without one, but there are legal restrictions in many states stating you can't work after like 9pm or some such. So, once again, venues won't bother with you then either.
    When you are 18 you can play, but can't drink, which most places won't care if you're decent, can pull people in.

    Basically, just practice and do house parties. Don't worry about it, and honestly, you're going to have a hard time being young trying to jump in fresh because 1) you can't get into any clubs 2) there are a lot of DJs trying for those spots who don't have red tape to jump through.

    Just being honest. Keep at it, practice, and wait.
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