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    I dont know if I should get the Midi Fighter Spectra or the Maschine MK2.

    I want to like freestyle, make songs and beats, impress freinds and be at parties and use it.

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    Or is their something else you can recommend. But tell me what you think.

    Im not gonna be like a dj and stuff I just want to have something when im bored and then later when im good I can like impress freinds and just be like jamming when some freinds are parteying or something.

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    They're both very different beasts, but I'd suggest if you want something just to have fun on and you don't plan on doing any serious production, pick up a used korg padcontrol or some other drumpad controller and use it with Live. Way cheaper than either the midi fighter or the maschine.

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    I want to like choose which buttons the buttons is and then just jam and do something cool and take on a song and jam to that.
    What should I get? It sounds like the midi fighter is the one I should get if you just want to jam but also choose buttons and stuff in soundpacks, but i've heard that you cant jam to a song on the midi fighter or the maschine.

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    I'm still a little unclear of what you plan to do. What do you mean by jam? Jam along to already playing songs with drums and samples, or create your own songs from sounds loaded to pads? Here's some "specs" on both for you to decide on.

    • Comes with maschine software
    • excellent sequencer and sounds included with maschine software
    • Midi mappable to other software
    • 16 pads, 8 encoders, and countless other buttons
    • LCD displays
    • pricy

    Midi fighter:
    • 16 arcade buttons and 6 shift buttons (I don't have one and have never used one so don't quote me)
    • less expensive but in my opinion, still a bit overpriced for what they are (please MF fans don't try to argue with me here, my opinion won't change)

    The midi fighter is just a midi controller. You'll have to map it to software yourself or find a mapping here that suits your needs. It's very versatile in that sense, but you'll have to put in some work yourself setting it up in Live or some other software before you can jam away on it.

    Maschine is a completely different beast. It's far more capable for making music in my opinion, but you'll still have to learn the software and put in work just like with anything. It's pricy too so if this is "just for fun" it may not be the best choice (unless money isn't a concern).

    It's up to you in the end, but I'd recommend some more research on both before you buy anything. Watch videos and tutorials on youtube to get a better idea of the workflow on both and how they work. You may even be better off getting an LPD8 (8 velocity sensitive pads with led feedback and 8 knobs) because they're very cheap, simple, and can be mapped easily to a lot of software.

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    Thanks for the info!

    What I want to do:

    - I want to just take it up and start jam straight away
    - Have music playing which I can mix on
    - Make music/beats
    - Entertain people wwith mixing

    I mean it's not quite clear what I want to do but I want to just jam to music/beats and just sit here mixing while the other people enjoying it. And also make music which I do live when I can do it and perform to freinds.

    Is it clear?

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