Advice needed for setting up my passive speakers!
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    Default Advice needed for setting up my passive speakers!

    Have recently bought some Alesis Monitor one mk2 passive speakers ( ) and an Alesis RA-100 amp to match !

    Now I want to be able to use these with my decks/mixer and pc for my daw output. Was hoping someone would be able to tell me since the back of the amp looks like this ( ) if these cables would be right.

    I believe (may be wrong) that these cables will go from the 1/4 phono to rca for my mixer - and are unbalanced. Then this cable to turn the rca to a 3.5 jack for the computer

    Just hoped someone with a better knowledge will know if this is right before I order the cables as id rather get it up and running asap instead of running around trying to get different cables.


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    yeah the cables are correct though your better off buying an audio interface for the computer rather than running off the internal soundcard if your doing production work

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