Buying a used X1
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    Default Buying a used X1

    I'm about to pick up a used X1 controller. I'm hoping the good people here can help me out with a question I have.

    - What is the deal with registering USED hardware with NI? Is it even worth it to register the product?
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    I might be wrong here, but I think you can call NI and have the previous owner removed from the product. I just went through this with Guitar Center after buying a S2. An employee had bought the unit and registered it but never used it. He simply returned it and put it back on the shelf. After I bought it, he called NI for me so I could register it to me.
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    Unless the buyer says otherwise (and can prove it), assume that the X1 comes by itself with no software. It will still work fine on any recent version of Traktor without the need for registration.
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