What's scratchin on the VCI-100?
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    Default What's scratchin on the VCI-100?

    So there was a dude on here who threw up a vid of him scratching that was good and made plans but then never materialized anything further. Is ther anyone who is scratching on the vci-100 who could maybe make a quick video on their skills and give some tips on how they overcome adversity? I ask because I am mixing more top 40 and hip hop (being in Atlanta) and while I can do gigs at the moment I want to be better at whatever I am doing. So also any tips on mixing hip hop and top 40?
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    hip hop:

    -listen to some old dj drama mixtapes (nowadays he doesn't really mix very much)
    -the intros usually have just the beat, loop in as you bring it in, and then "swap" the beats using EQ.
    -drop it in at the start of the chorus.

    -pay attention to keys, since the melody is a lot more prevalent (usually), bad key clashes can really stick out.
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