What is your song file workflow to perfectly prep your tunes?
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    Default What is your song file workflow to perfectly prep your tunes?

    Hey all,

    Just joined up here, will be getting set up with Traktor + S4 soon here and am wanting to get my music library in order beforehand, so I wanted to see what you digital DJs out there do in terms of preparation when it comes to your libraries? What processes do you put your files through to ensure they have everything they need in terms of information, quality, etc. so that you're confident playing out with them, and in knowing they'll play well with your favorite software?

    Right now, this is what I'm doing:

    1. Downloading files that are ideally 320 kpbs MP3s or better.
    2. Running them through Platinum Notes 3.0. (Can't afford the new version yet and PN seems to do the job just fine. That said, if you guys know of any good freeware alternatives, by all means let me know. Also, what are your general thoughts on PN? Does it actually make much difference? Sometimes it seems to, other times not so much. Is it perhaps just a fancy rebranding of MP3Gain?)
    3. Dropping the files into MP3Tag and getting them tagged up, as well as getting artwork embedded in the files if it is missing.
    4. Dropping the files into MediaMonkey so I can quickly have them auto-organized (automatically moved into a folder structure that I like based on the tags), saving me lots of time in terms of having to manually move them / create folders for them, etc.
    5. Importing them into iTunes.

    Seeing as I don't yet have Traktor or a controller, that's the end of my flow in terms of managing and preparing my files, but yea, would love to get some feedback from you digital DJs. Good system? Anything you'd change or add (or get rid of)?


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    Most of my organizing is done within Traktor (which you could start doing too w/ the demo). I download music high quality music that I know I would def play out (I try to keep my library lean n mean). I make sure my beatgrid is set right in Traktor. Find and store my intro loop(s) and store any other important cue points within the song. Make sure my autogain is set right. Make any necessary comments. Then I add it to any playlist that it might be part of. I do this everytime I add a new song, so theres no songs in my library that get missed. Every once in awhile I go thru my library and delete songs from playlists or all together from my hard drive. The key for me is having a slim , easy to manage, library that is full of playable music

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    I use my music library tree in Traktor, so I try to keep my music folder on my laptop organized by Album. Beyond that everything is organized in Traktor by playlists! Make sure everything is gridded and cued, and thats about it. I use the star rating energy meter system too, but I don't do too much tagging and whatnot, I try to just keep on top of knowing my tracks.
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    Here is my workflow:
    1. Run all tracks through Platinum Notes
    2. Import them to "Renamer" to rename them to the same format -> Artist - Track Name
    3. Correcting their Tag with MP3Tag
    4. Process them through Mixed in Key
    5. Import them to iTunes
    6. Organize them by moving each track into iTunes playlist. My iTunes playlist are separated by the genre and the energy level of the track, EX: House lvl1 to House lvl5. So it's easier for me to find a right track in the right time.

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    Kid3 for tag fixing/file renaming needs.
    Move files to Library folder.
    Import to Traktor, grid and hotcue placing.

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    I download my files.
    Go into iTunes and make sure all the ID3 tags are set correctly. (I'm particular about genre)
    Analyze with Serato.
    Run through Mixed in Key.
    Go back into iTunes and work on playlists.
    Use playlists for gigs to play. Usually I sort playlists by key and go from there. I try to have about 100 songs for each hour of time I am playing. It gives me room to have a set selection that I can adapt to the crowd without having too much in front of me for hard decision making on the fly.
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